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Ohtani's Power Surge Continues: Blasts 34th Home Run in Loss, On Pace for 58 in a Remarkable Season

In a thrilling matchup against the Houston Astros, Shohei Ohtani once again displayed his incredible power and offensive prowess. Despite a close 9-8 defeat, Ohtani left his mark on the game with his league-leading 34th home run and an impressive 73 RBIs for the season. Let's take a closer look at the staggering pace he is maintaining and the potential records within reach.

Ohtani's Current Stats: With his latest home run and RBI, Ohtani's season totals now stand at an astonishing 34 homers and 73 runs batted in. These numbers not only solidify his status as a dominant force in Major League Baseball but also raise the exciting possibility of rewriting record books.

Predicting Ohtani's Final Numbers: By analyzing Ohtani's performance so far, we can project his potential season-ending statistics. Through 94 games, he has accumulated 34 home runs. Extrapolating this average over the course of a 162-game season, we can estimate his final home run count. At his current pace, Ohtani is projected to finish the season with an astounding 58 home runs - just 4 shy of tying New York Yankee Aaron Judge's American League record 62 homers.

Shohei and the Angeles take on the Yankees in a 3 game series this week.

Will Ohtani break 62 homeruns this year?

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